Changhsa China. It's the capital city in the Hunan province and the most populated city in the region (but still nowhere near as populated as China's major cities). It's an entertainment hub, the site of Chairman Mao's conversion to communism, and its become a major commercial and manufacturing center in recent years. Its also home to China's second largest television network, which means there is a large entertainment district in town. Changsha residents love their nightlife and the city is known for being an entertainment center. Jiefeng Xilu, is a central part of the nightlife area and a good starting point. Changsha is not as popular with tourists as other Chinese cities, but while it may not be as westernized as Shanghai or as large as Beijing it is still a very interesting city to visit and worth more then just a passing glance. Plus Changsha is cheap. Dirt cheap. Gotta love that exchange rate cheap.

For me it's the site of the assembly plant for the Jeep Grand Commander, and I've visited the city 5 times now. I have a few recommendations for anybody traveling to this city. 

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