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Sedona Arizona. I've been to this city twice now and each time I visited it was a unique experience. 

This city in the middle of Arizona seems like it has something for everybody. Miles of hiking trails, mountain biking, yoga, beautiful scenery (Yes, the red rocks of Sedona really are red!), off-roading, great restaurants, art, music. The city is also supposed to the center of some vortexes (a place of metaphysical energy said to be conductive to healing and meditation). For me healing and meditation meant driving over some rocks in a 4wd vehicle! 

This first picture really sums up Sedona for me: red rocks, vibrant green trees, and a well setup Jeep. My last trip there we rented a Jeep Wrangler (my favorite vehicle) from MYE rentals. Their slogan is "Make Your Expedition" and make an expedition we did. 

There are several great off-road trails within a quick drive of Sedona. A few of my favorites: 

  1. Broken Arrow Trail - Definitely top of the list. Its right at the Southern edge of the city and is one of the more technically challenging trails in the area. But we drove it so many time that by the end of the week we felt like we had totally mastered it. Its a very popular trail so expect to see lots of other off roaders, but going at night you will find it secluded and it offers a great view of the city lights. 

  2. Solder Pass Trail - You need to get a permit for this trail in advance but its well worth the extra effort. It's another trail located close to town, but the rocks and scenery make it feel like you are miles away. Its a moderately difficult trail, but with a high clearance vehicle and good tires you should have no great difficulty. Its a very popular trail for hikers so be sure to watch for people while you are off-roading. 

A few other trails worth noting: 

  • Diamondback Gulch - One heck of a hill climb. It takes a while to get back there and you are driving along a old wagon trail the whole time. Additionally, on the trail you can pass by the setting for the John Wayne movie "Angel and the Badman". Don't expect to see many people back there, which is great cause you can climb and descend the hill as many times as you want and not have to worry about lines. Definitely one to visit. 

  • Dry Creek Road - A shorter trail with few old buildings towards the end of it. I only mention it cause we ran across some Javelina's while we were back there. So if you are back there keep your eyes open. 

The first time I went to Sedona we just drove through the town, checked out a few scenic roadside turnouts. Which is great for getting a first glimpse of the Red Rocks. But that's just going to leave you wanting more. Renting a Jeep was, in my opinion, the best way to see the most of Sedona. We even took it North to Flagstaff and explored the woods through some forest service roads. Got the Jeep nice and muddy (always the sign of a good adventure). But even if you don't go off-roading, Sedona is a must visit spot if you are ever in Arizona. 


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