Joshua Tree National Park

Question: What’s the best way to spend two weeks in California?  

Answer: Visiting some of the best National Parks in the country!  


Comment: Wow, that was really corny.  


Rebuttal: Yep

Joshua Tree is located in Southern California desert. It borders a few towns, including Twentynine Palms which is at the Northern edge of the park near the Oasis visitor center. Twentynine Palms is also home to the Jelly Donut, which looks incredibly sketchy from the outside but the folks inside are really friendly, make some really good donuts, and we were told (though we did not have a chance to try it) have some excellent Pho.  

Spoiler Alert Hiking through Joshua Tree National Park is like following a dirt path through more dirt, just one bit of dirt has footprints going in both directions. Remember kids – when following a trail through the desert take the path that has footprints going in both directions. If you follow the trail that has one set of footprints leading off into the dust then that guy probably did not make it back.  

If you have spent much time in the national parks you may be familiar with the saying “Half the park is after dark”. That’s definitely the case here. The low moisture and clear skies make for some amazing star and moon gazing. I took advantage of the dark sky to try doing some light painting for the first time – with mixed results (which is not unexpected for a first attempt). The moon was pretty full and bright so dark sky photography was not really an option.  

A couple of parting notes: Firstly, Joshua Tree is home to a lot of really cool rock formations, many of which can be found at the Jumbo Rocks area. My favorite of these being Skull Rock. Secondly, drink lots of water. Thirdly, watch out for all the fucking bee's. 

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