Star Wars Costume Exhibit

I'm a huge Star Wars fan. So when an exhibit came to the Detroit Institute of the Arts displaying many of the costumes utilized in the movies I jumped at my change to go see it.

It was an incredibly detailed story driven experience that walked the viewer through each costume in the exhibit. It went beyond just rooms full of costumes, it went into terrific detail explaining the ideas and inspiration behind the designs of the various costumes. Costumes, concept art, props, and the incredible backstory behind why the design teams chose each part of the costume - down to the material type and color. Some of Queen Amidala's costumes took months to make, but were only on screen for a few seconds. Did you know there was a special cooling suit designed to be worn under the Chewbacca costume? Little details like that just added to the incredible experience.

The exhibit was developed by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services along with Lucasfilm. It ran through 2018, and Detroit was its last stop. If it ever starts up again it's a must see for any Star Wars fan.